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Posts about our tribal roots, our true communal and cooperative nature and how we can recapture those essential shared goals in a world steeped in individuality, ego and competition.

Welcome to PrimalSwitzerland!

Greeting and Welcome to Primal Switzerland!

Our reasons for this blog are simple – to explore and discuss all aspects of how to live healthy, primal lives in our modern world.

Along with all the benefits of our modern world – many of which we embrace and enjoy, we humans have lost touch with the natural world from which we evolved. This disconnect is costing us dearly as we watch ourselves, our family, friends and the society at large suffering from increasing levels of physical, psychological and spiritual ills.

Our personal path to primal living has come from combining science education from our backgrounds together with 4 years of extensive nutritional learning and our N=1 experiences – self-trials with ourselves and our child. We have achieved vibrant health, perfect body weights and excellent food satisfaction/satiety. In our modern world with so many horrible food-like substances constantly being marketed to us as “healthy”, sifting through the noise and finding our way back to appropriated human foods is an achievement we want to share.

But there is more to a primal approach to life than the ever-important diet and nutrition – there are the primal needs of our emotions, spirit, sexuality, psychology and soul. Primal Switzerland will also be a platform for discussing these aspects also.

Finally, we at Primal Switzerland are not here to prosletize – that is, we are not specifically interested in converting you to the primal way of thinking, but rather to discuss the ideas with those who already have the curiousity. And, although there will be posts that are directed towards newbies, our primary purpose is to further reconcile the primal living needs of human beings to the often very un-primal modern state of the world.

So thank you for arriving here – please enjoy and participate!